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Memorizing will not get you through Nursing School.

This will.

Stop wasting your time memorizing and raise your grades a full letter, guaranteed.

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This is such a great tool for studying, note taking, test-taking, NCLEX...it is so good!

Tayler • Nursing student

I got a 96 on my next test after using your system! You've saved my life in Nursing school!

Hannah • Accelerated Nursing student

What do the top 1% of Nursing students know?

Dr. Jamie Adam, Nursing Professor

Hi, I'm Jamie.

Here’s the brutal truth about Nursing school:

Over 50% of Nursing students fail or drop out in their first year.

The ones that survive face stressed-out semesters, don't know how to study, and have NO social life.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The world needs MORE Nurses but we are LOSING them.


First, Nursing students are insanely busy.

This means there's less time to study, less time to get help, and more time feeling overwhelmed.

Some think "If I quit hanging out with friends & spend hours reading, I can make it."

Others think, "If I memorize hundreds of flashcards, slides & notes... I'll be sure to pass."

But they stay overwhelmed.

They don't solve the problem.

So what's the solution?

It's shockingly easy.

You need to simplify how you study.

You can retain more, in less time, with a simple technique that works the way your brain works.

You can study in a way that boosts confidence and gets your social life back.

And I can show you how with the 4 simple steps I learned over 15 years teaching Nursing.

I'm giving away my simple 4-Step system that will show you exactly how to study in Nursing school.

If you're serious about moving away from overwhelm and into a life-changing system that will cut your study time in half, get you A's and give you your life back...

learn these 4 steps, use them immediately and see how life in Nursing school can be
so much easier!

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